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    Why Choose AHS?

    • A school that operates a student affairs office designed to provide career counseling and university application for its students
    • A school that engages in community development and social responsibilities through its “Love In Action” programs.
    • A school that insist on “striving for excellence”.
    • A school that promotes student centered learning approach over just teaching.
    • A school that operates alternative corrective actions to just corporal punishment
    • A school that emphasizes holistic student development (intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional, & artistically).
    • A school that provides high quality feeding options.
    • A school that operates a fully equipped and home away from home boarding facility
    • A school that operates a school clinic with registered qualified nurse.
    • A school that builds healthy relationships by promoting student and teacher fun day activities
    • A school that participates in academic and social field trips & excursions
    • A school that participates in academic and sporting competitions locally & internationally.
    • A school that celebrates student individuality
    • A school that utilizes social media (FB, Whatsapp groups) and dynamic communication tools to enhance and improve parent/school communication.
    • A school that operates a healthy Parents forum.
    • A school that encourages multi-faith and cultural backgrounds interactions.
    • A school that provides multiple school-runs transportation options.
    • A school that provides flexible school fees payment options.
    • A school that provides scholarship & discounts to qualifying parents.
    • A school that operates an online platform for parents to access student results and behavior as well as school fees details.
    • A school that applies project management methodologies & best practices in planning and executing school events
    • A school that celebrates initiative as well as longevity
    • A school that encourages inter-staff debates and healthy competitions
    • A school that trains and accesses the quality and readiness of its staff regularly
    • A school that promotes personal development in all aspects of life
    • A school that employs cutting edge technologies to enhance the learning & working experience (School management software, Computer based testing, Window Servers, HR & Payroll systems, E-learning, Messaging systems, Online Registration & Payment).
    • A school that promotes proper etiquette and mannerism amongst student & staff.
    • A school that promotes equality and transparency in its dealings with staff, student, & parents.
    • A school that routinely upgrades its facilities & utilities.
    • A school that operates best practices on security and personal safety.
    • A school that operates a strict code of conduct that emphasizes student and staff discipline.
    • A school that promotes strong Christian values for all its staff and students.
    • A school that operates local and international curricula.


    • 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
    • School Premises
    Open Day

    Mid-Term Assessment given to parents.
    Mid-Term Assignments are given out

    • 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
    • School
    AHS Sport Day / Field Trip

    Discussion and community dialogue with school staff, parents and community members.

    10, Boarders' Resume
    11, School Resumes
    11-13, Orientation Day for Students
    25-29, Revival Week
    25-29, Students' Subject Clearance
    29, Independence Day Celebration
    2, Public Holiday
    3 - 6, CAT 1
    5, Teachers Day
    16 - 25, Subject Clearance
    25, Open Day/P.T.A
    26, Sports Day/Field Trip
    31, CAT 2
    3, End of CAT 2
    5 - 9, Lagos Field Trip
    20 - 24, Revision Week
    27, Exams Begin
    5, Exams Ends
    8, Thanksgiving Service
    15, Collection of Results

    Admissions Process

    We are currently accepting applications for all classes (Except JSS 3 & SSS 3) for
    the 2018—19 academic year.